Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Essay 2

Friend ship is a relation between two or more people who share their secrets and feelings together. A friend chooses his friend who shares the same interest and his similarity. I believe that friend ship is worth it because it is dangers for a person to stay alone; in addition, a person becomes better and work better when he has a friend.

A human been can’t survive without having a friend [reading1]. I agree with that because friends are like food and we cannot live without them. If any person didn’t have a friends he will fall mentally and physically because when he has no one to talk with he feels tired and that affects the brain also the body. There is also another negative effect which is emotional breakdown. As a result, this leads to depression, stress and sadness [reading1]. Loneliness has many bad affects on our health, which are; it raises blood pressure, effect the heart, it affects the quality and efficiency of sleep; therefore, it makes them awake all night [reading1]. Friendship is importantly for the survival of the human been.

When a person has a friend it makes him a better person and it makes him work better. Friend affect positively both mentally and physically health. Also, it makes it function better. [Reading]. I agree with that because friends help us in life. For example, if a person was sick and he had his family and friends around him it makes him get well faster. The second positive affect is that any kind of friendship can succeed in the workplace [reading]. For example, CAI’s Cook who says that friendship led to a better understanding between people in workplaces [reading]. Friends also increase work which increases the productivity. According to reading Berkman says that when you have a friend in the work place it’s more comfortable doing the job. In addition they can learn from each other new things an also it helps the organization succeed [reading]. Friends are important in life because it helps people to succeed in life.

In conclude friend ship does need time and energy but it is worth it because without it people may not survive in life because they will feel lonely and depress all the time. Friend help each other work and in life which lead them to success and become a better person in life. Over all many people believe in life that their friends help them succeed.

Essay 1

In recent years the number of students who are living in dorms is increasing because college is very important to build a good life and have a good job. In addition, most of the students comes from far cities. As a result, I believe that in order to get along well with college roommates, student should meet first to discuss various issues, and they should work in their communication skills.

Student who are going to live together need to meet with each other outside the college to discuss things they like and dislike. According to video1, they should discuss food habits, what kind of food they will buy and cleaning the room. They also must tell each other things they don’t like. For example, taking each other things without asking, bringing pets and making loud no nose. (video1). The most important thing they have to discuss and agree about according to video1 is the rent. They must discuss how they will pay it; in addition, if someone couldn’t pay will the other person help him and who will be in charge in doing it and delivering the money every month. There is also things a roommates should discuss according to video1, which are alcohol, drugs, bring family members in the room without telling the other roommate and giving the room key to other people without asking or discussing it. This is important because it will help them and let them know about each other more
Communication skills are very important to students who are going to live together because it will help them to in rich their life (video2). There are many steps that will teach the student about communication skills. According to video2, there are four main steps that will help them to be a good communicator. Step number one, when you talk with someone use opening question because it will make the conversation longer. Secondly, summarize what your partner said. It will make him or her believe that you care. The next step is cocoon. That means to block every nose around you and pay attention in what your partner is saying. The last step is that a roommate should not talk in an antagonist way because he or she will consider it as an attack. If a partner dos these steps it will help them to bond in and be friends ( video2).

In conclude, student who are going to live together must tell each other things that they like and dislike as well as the important things. In addition, they should have good communication skills because it wills enrich their life. In my opinion I think that these steps will help them not only in college but also on their life.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My weekend

This weekend was fun because the first day I went to the skating with my cousin and I saw my friends there but I didn’t skated because I don’t know and I’m afraid. The second day my uncle and his family came to our house it was fun because I love family gathering. The last day we to my uncle house because he invited us for lunch. We reached there at 2:00 o’clock but we ate lunch at 3:00 because my father came late so we had to wait for him because he in our culture it is wrong to eat before every one comes. After we finished eating I and my cousin went to her room to study. After couple of hours we returned home every one has work tomorrow.


RAK is short name for Ras Al Khaimah and it is the six’s states in the Emirates. It was ruled by Sheikh Sultan but from five years his son Sheikh Saud becomes the governor. RAK his over 75 areas like Masafi, Al Rams, Al Dhan etc. This state is most none by its mountain and seas. Therefore, the most common job is fishing. In the old days men work in fishing, finding purls, building ships and trading with other countries. Now days they still work in those fields and they use it to attract tours. There are many thing a tours can do like climbing mountain, fishing, shopping and playing golf.RAK has recently open a golf court because most tours are English. RAK also still have old building and house. As a result, many people come to see RAK history. Also, the building is use as the logo of RAK football team.
I chose this topic because RAK is my home town.

UAE in the past

Before 20 years ago UAE was undeveloped country. However, now it is considered one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It has change in many different ways like education, work and life style, but in my essay I will mention only one different between education now and before 20 years ago. Before 20 years education was still new in the country, so they didn’t teach English a lot, only speaking, reading and basic grammar. All their books were written in Arabic like math, chemistry etc... Except English. But now days they don’t only study English as a subject but it is use in all the subjects except Arabic and Islamic. The other thing that is change is the teachers, before only Arabic people teach the student. Female teachers only teach girls and male teachers only teach boys. Recent years English teacher both male and female teach student wither they are boys or girls. The last change is that schools before were separated into boys and girls school but now they have mixed the student together into one school. Not all school has done it but most of it is privet. In my opinion I think there have been big changes but I don’t think it is all good changes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Most tourists prefer going to UAE because it has many different activities they can do there. First, if I was a tourist guide, I would take them to Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the UAE. It has many places a tourist can and should go. If I was a tourist, I would go to AlAin, which is the biggest town in Abu Dhabi. Al Ain has many things tourists can do. For example, they can go to the zoo park, which is the first zoo in the country. They also can go to AlHelly, were there is a big park fill with big electronic toys. The next stop they should go is BinYasse Island because there is different kind of animals and the weather is beautiful there. The last stop I will go if I was a tourist is Lewia, which a desert but it a famous because they can sand skiing and ride motor cycle. There are many places they can go but I don’t know it because I’m from RAK.

The break

As every Eid break we go to RAK were there is a small town which is my home town called AlRams. At the first day of Eid I wake up at 6:00 o’clock and put on my new clothes but I didn’t went to AlMaed. It is a mosque were Muslims go to in the first day of Eid to pray. The second day I stayed at home because I wanted to do my home work. The last day of Eid me and my whole family went on a trip to the desert. There was many big sand mountains and the weather was very cold. Me and my cousins climbed the mountain but it was very difficult and hard but I didn’t stopped an tell I reached the top of it. everything under the mountain was very small. At the night we decided to sleep there but a fortunately a pack of camels came near us. As a result, we returned home. The reset of the days I spend it at home.